South East Qld Court ComplexMinimise lost time in attending minor court matters adjournments. Brisbane Mentions town agents can act as your town agents in all south east Qld courts & tribunals.

Brisbane Mentions town agents operate out of Brisbane CBD and Caboolture. Our Brisbane office is located in Brisbane’s central business district less than 5 min walk from all Courts and Tribunals. All other south east Queensland Courts, Tribunals and registries are no more than a 30 minute drive away.

What this all means is that Brisbane Mentions can file documents and accept town agent bookings at hearings, applications, mentions or call overs with very little notice.

We provide services to law firms from around Australia, we understand the local legal environment and your need for a simple town agent booking service.

  • Planning & Environment Court call over scheduled tomorrow in Brisbane?

  • Need that Counterclaim signed and filed a Brisbane Court today?

  • Is you client’s matter set down for a Directions Hearing, too expensive to fly?

  • Do you want an efficient, cost effective way to engage an experienced town agent?

  • Need a local town agent who has solid legal experience in Court.

  • Does that Originating Application need to be filed and sealed today?

  • Too time consuming to drive into Brisbane CBD from the suburbs?
  • Need a competitively priced town agent service?
Brisbane Mentions Experienced Legal Town Agents Agency


Reducing travel and waiting time at Court leaving you to continue working on other matters means increased productivity and client satisfaction. Our solicitors have worked in south east Queensland for almost all of their professional careers so they understand the legal landscape, stakeholders and process. Brisbane Mentions can appear on your behalf in almost all jurisdictions. Need someone to attend a Planning & Environment Court pre-call over review or conduct an Enforcement Hearing in the Brisbane Magistrates Court? Brisbane Mentions can help.

Brisbane Mentions can file your documents in person


Mailing Court documents for filing is a slow process, especially in the Magistrates Court. The most efficient way of getting your documents signed and filed on the same day in a Court or Tribunal is to use Brisbane Mentions’ filing service. Simply book your service online, upload documents to our encrypted server, pay the fixed fee and we will sign and file your client’s Court process in person the same day. Sealed electronic copies will then be promptly delivered to you in colour by email, with hard copies being express posted.

Need a Solicitor to attend your settlement? Brisbane Mentions can help.


There is no shortage of budget town agents in south east Queensland that can do a conveyancing settlement. The persons who conduct these settlements are rarely legal practitioners.  Sometimes you just need the comfort of knowing an experienced lawyer is handling your client’s settlement when you cannot.  If you need the reassurance an experienced lawyer can provide by attending your settlement, who can handle unexpected issues – we can help. We have experienced property lawyers who will keep your client’s interests covered.

When you need the confidence that your client’s matter will be handled by an experienced legal professional; Brisbane Mentions can help. We are able to take the hassle out of finding a town agent to appear in a matter in south east Queensland





Engaging town agents doesn’t need to be a reactive experience. Liaising with us gives you access to our local knowledge, our local networks and our local experience. It also ensures a more cost effective means to progress your Queensland matter. If you don’t usually practice in Queensland, we can help with any procedural questions you may have with regards to Queensland courts and tribunals.


In the existing legal climate, it is uneconomical to appear in an interstate matter for a client or to completely brief out a matter to an interstate practitioner. It can be difficult to pass on to a client the true time you spend out of the office to appear at a short call over. In such instances, it makes commercial sense for you to engage Brisbane Mentions town agents to attend the call over on your behalf.


Our office is located in Brisbane’s central business district, a 5 min walk from the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts. The Federal Court, Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court is just around the corner. All other Courts, Tribunals and registries are no more than a 30 minute drive away – being so close to all the action means that Brisbane Mentions can attend to your matter quickly with little notice.

“The Brisbane Mentions business model fills an obvious gap in the legal market – simple online booking for town agents services by experienced legal practitioners for a fixed fee. I congratulate Brisbane Mentions for their innovation in this area.”